Whatsapp traffic magician (Best seller video course worldwide)

About: Time tested strategies to create income using whatsapp by prospecting and promoting high converting offers.

 This course highlights the  strategies to create different recurring streams of income using whatsapp. This course gives all possible insights.Build responsive or quality whatsapp list to sell your own services or high converting offers.

This video course highlights,how an experienced consultant or even a newbie can make money by prospecting on whatsapp.

How I built a whatsapp fanbase of 25,000 active prospects or leads in 3 months. 100% free, natural and organic

(Underground traffic sources for serious marketers)

Newbie friendly. No tech experience needed.

No spam box. 100% messages delivered and tracked.

Not saturated and virtually no competation.

Create responsive broadcast list, and convert prospects into leads.

Either sell your own services or promote highly converting offers.

Everyday millions of people are looking for solutions to get traffic to their website,offers, promote their products or services. Mobile traffic is working like a charm in 2016 and it is the future. Punters, marketers, advertisors and individuals all over the world, are looking for this system for a long time.
 Newbie friendly and instant mastery. You need to understand the nature of whatsapp prospecting.Unlike email, whatsapp has lot of advantages like no spam box,delivery rate excellent,your message wont be let in clutter, say if the recipient receives hundreds of emails per day, your email goes to the bottom, and the receiver may not have the time to read it.

Whatsapp itself is like a single optin or autoresponder. (different angles) We are against spam and only send messages to those who find value in you.
Whatsapp userbase is growing very aggressively and also 50 to 70% of ecommerce transactions are happening directly from mobile, surpassing desktops. My subscribers are asking for this particular video course for a long time, and this course meets their demand and requirement.
Whatsapp is my secret source of traffic. Initially you need to build a good responsive list, similar to email marketing, and it will pay for life. Use whatsapp naturally, safe and organic way and leverage the power. (trial and error approach)

Email marketing rules are changing with industry requirements like double optin verification, spam filters, auto responder companies telling you whom to send emails and not. So experienced marketers, can easily understand what I am speaking about. Whereas, whatsapp is like my person email system (ideal alternative), where open rate and click through rate can be easily tracked by google or bit.ly url shorteners.


Note: Building a good relationship with prospect, is very important for these strategies to work. Results varies from person to person. I personally suggest to acquire some technical skills over time. (Ex: Graphic designer, web designer, SEO, Email marketing basics) But this strategy is the best way to get started, in this world dominated by social media.

Everyday whatsapp process 50 billion messages. Their delivery rate is best and can be easily tracked. (double check marks). You can promote quality offers to a market of 1 billion people. We are against spam, our strategy is to build a friendly relationship with the prospect, and later send only 1 offer a day. I am strictly following email marketing rules, in whatsapp too. Give them quality and engaging content and interact with them, if they ask any questions.

 Whatsapp is powerful tool for list building. 50 to 70% of ecommerce transactions happen through mobile. Whatsapp prospecting is the hottest trend right now, to get new prospects, leads and customers.

Whatsapp is the savior and god sent. Punters all over the world are looking for a platform, to prospect, sell their products or services or others products too.  It is really a boon for professionals, advertisors, marketers, small business owners, artists and more. Good communication skills, being responsive, a little hustle, bustle will bring you lot of prospects, new customers, even leads or conversions if you use the system properly.

We focus on building relationship with small business owners on whatsapp, other active members on social media, later we add them to broadcast list and you can promote anything for life.
Before using whatsapp, I have tried with facebook marketing, facebook ads, youtube, twitter direct marketing, instagram, pinterest and email marketing. Of course, email marketing is working. But I should wait a whole day, to track whether the email has been opened, clicked or read.
But by using whatsapp the responses are very high, within seconds or minutes my messages are read, and it can be easily tracked. Also, whatsapp community is very responsive compared to other platforms.


I have spent $1500 for popular seo course, $1000 for a popular media course, $2500 just to join an academy, other popular courses for facebook, shopify,twitter,youtube,instagram,pinterest,email marketing courses in the range of $100 to $500 each where other advertisors and marketers share their strategies.
But I noticed one thing, all these cost money for special software and an ad budget to start with say $100, $500 or $1000 or more and run the ads for 2 weeks to see any real results.I have decided to provide some value to the community, by choosing a platform, where you don’t need to buy any special software, no monthly fees, no ad budget, no big learning curve or your own product or service to start with. Put some time and efforts and build a responsive list, as shown in course, and it will create a stream of income.  Good communication skills in English, being responsive will help a lot to use this system.

Also, even a total newbie, students, retired people, housewife can use this system. A system for a average person, with good communication skills. Dedication and determination to build a highly responsive list is most important for this  course to work. “Advantages: No website, no special software needed, no ad budget, no monthly fees, no big learning curve.
 whatsapp is a good platform to find prospects, build serious relationships and turn them into leads. Note: Good communication skills, grammer and sentence formation, the way you give replies, the response time everything matters.

Later, once you have built a good rapport, with serious prospects, I will show you in this course, what all services you can offer. Other marketers are competing for social media visibility, email inbox visibility, but the problem is, there are some big shots who receive few hundreds of emails everyday and they simply don’t have the time to read all those. Otherwise  your email is simply deleted or remains in the clutter.
Whatsapp is different. By prospecting here, we can easily track whether the recipient has read your message or not and may even get fast responses if your service or offer is good.It is similar to sending a post to their physical address, so that the recipient may read it and give you an immediate response if interested.


2000+ copies sold to small business owners. Now available for public domain. I use this strategy to sell my internet services, described in video. The video course describes, how to find a prospect, add them to broadcast list , also remove inactive subscribers and more.
This works with consistency. Once you build a relationship with whatsapp list, you can promote any relevant affiliate programs and make money doing this part time or when you are free. I have included a video about this, in the module. Anybody can get started promoting a bunch of different offers and make money for each conversion in the process.
This course solves a big problem, what most online business or small business owners have,that is traffic. No traffic = no sales. I have figured out, a platform to send almost free traffic to any webpage or offer, by leveraging the power of whatsapp. (using whatsapp mobile app) It looks completely natural and organic.
Most of the social media platforms, have lost their organic reach, as it was before. Whatsapp works like a powerful traffic spell or charm.
I have also turned my active whatsapp subscribers,like an autoresponder list, sending them relevant offers, once everyday.

Cost $250 only. We could have easily sold this course for that price to small business owners and individuals.

Cost $67 only. Limited time only. Price may change anytime without notice. (Instant download. You will get password protected link instantly through email, with password to access the members area) For other payment methods like bank transfer and WU, MG contact me through email. I will send the details.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Email id: savior@localseoexpert.co.in

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

My list consists of small business owners, advertisors, marketers, and people who are interested in internet services, media and entertainment guys. I believe in quality list than numbers.
Build a broadcast list and suggest relevant offers to them. Consistency is the key. You can do this for 1 hour a day and build a massive list and you control the traffic. The good thing is, it is completely free.
I have done lot of experiments on google seo, youtube videos, email and sms marketing, instagram, pinterest, twitter to generate traffic and get prospects. Whatsapp is working like a charm.
Most of my subscribers, are asking this for a long time, that is the reason, I have prepared a video course for the same. (massive demand worldwide)
Note: There is a lot of value in this course. If you have tried all other forms of advertisng, whatsapp works like a charm if done correctly. The price may hike soon to $250. Response rate, open and click through rate is high on whatsapp, compared to other platforms. (trial and error approach)

Bonus included : 1. Video about how to create a simple image or banner ad for whatsapp.
2. Video about whatsapp best practices
3. Video about optional affiliate programs
We will also be adding other bonus in future.

Cost $250 only. We could have easily sold this course for that price to small business owners and individuals.

Cost $67 only. Limited time only. Price may change anytime without notice. (Instant download. You will get password protected link instantly through email, with password to access the members area) For other payment methods like bank transfer and WU, MG contact me through email. I will send the details.

For other payment methods like bank transfer and WU, MG contact me through email. I will send the details.
Note: After payment, wait for a minute and check inbox and spam folder for download link,to access members area. If you have any issues with downloads,contact me on email or skype. I will reply back in few hours. Also add my email to safe sender list.
Target market: Small business owners,advertisors,marketers, artists, internet services, mobile shop owners, artists and more.
Geography: Works well in countries, where whatsapp is very popular. We are concentrating on building an international list, so geography doesn’t matter.
You can also reach me on skype or email, if appropriate.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Email id: savior@localseoexpert.co.in

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Traffic is the lifeblood of many business and there is a lot of traffic of whatsapp.My secret traffic source
Spend 30 min to 1 hour a day
Newbie friendly
Be a pro in 1 hour
Not saturated and virtually no competation
No spam box. 100% messages delivered and tracked.
Anobody can do this.No investment and upsells
You can get started in day 1 and see traffic and engagement.
(depends upon product or service, or way you convince the prospect or customer)
King of engagement. (arrange calls,if appropriate)Target market:small business owners,advertisors,marketers, artists, internet services, mobile shop owners,
artists and more.

(I have kept this whatsapp number, only to interact or engage with the prospects. Due to client meetings and travel, I may only be available for few hours a day. I have given the maximum possible information, about the video course on the sales page. If you can take certain calculated risks, buy it. Otherwise, please leave it. Better deal with email marketing and other platforms, which is complicated in initial stages for newbies.)

But if you are looking for a easy platform, with no investment to start with, you can try your luck here. Your communication skills and the way you give answers for prospects queries, makes the difference. I want sales to happen naturally. Good luck!!

Terms and conditions.
1.No refunds. (I have put 3 months of time and energy to compile this video course)
2. No resell (Copyright protected. Use it for your personal use only) If you have nothing to do with this video course, please dont buy and then ask for refund. There are people who are serious about this info and need it.
3. Any issues with downloads, you can contact me on email or skype. Thanks.
4. We will also add new modules to the videos, based on user interests, but it should be realistic. The community is responsive.

5. Ability to understand english is very important. People from non english speaking countries,who have difficulty in understanding english, please don’t buy. Thanks.